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Nina Deep does commercials on TV stating that she can improve acne scars and wrinkles with a laser. Well I went to see her and she said that the new laser they had, was non invasive and that the down time was 24-48 hours and that my face would look a little sunburned.

That is not quite what happened. I woke up the next morning after the treatment with little scratch marks on my face that almost looked like burns from the laser. I thought it was dry skin at first and just wiped it with a wash cloth and a piece of my skin came off. It was obviously burnt.

I am going on my third day and my face is still really red and I have all kinds of scratch marks on my face, I look worse than when I went in, and I will have more scars then when I went in. Which the whole reason I went in was to fade my scars.

Just a warning, I wouldn't go to her.

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She is an internist not a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.


I went to her for laser help with acne scars. Promised week downtime.

Long story short 5 years later I am still paying a real professional plastic surgeon for laser damage she did. He examined the photos and said I had 3rd degree burns!! This has put me thru a depression lack of confidence and total life change. She kept telling me it would be fine.

The pain was unbearable. She got very nervous and offered me narcotic and antidepressants. REALLY? That's what I needed??When I called a lawyer she wrote me a check for refund.

If I had known this 5 years ago I would have taken her to court. I too embarrassed to now be in a job to face the public, apply for jobs, took a office paperwork job I hate.

I'm in the whole financially trying to do laser repairs, and have to take time from work. All I can say is I hope God judges her someday.


I went to Dr. Nina. I gave her a facial.

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On the first few days, it is perfectly normal to have redness and swellings which looks like a mild sunburn. You should have waited for it to heal completely for about 10-12 days.

The scratch marks you mentioned are the laser grid lines which looks squarish with fine dots on it. This usually feels very rough. This will eventually peel off completely after a few days revealing a new skin beneath. The dermatologist will give you tetranoin cream to induce peeling.

Usually, for the first treatment, the scars will be still visible but shallow. Your skin will be visibly smoother. The 2nd treatment, your scars will be a lot shallower than before and you'll notice that it is already slightly gone. 3rd treatment and so forth, you'll have a smoother, visibly reduced scars than before.

I'd say you'll see about 70-80% improvemennt. Healing takes time, so wait it out.

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Really??? Sounds like the same line of bull she fed me!! Run, don't walk away from her.

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